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        Richard Matthews is the owner and founder of Earthfire, Inc. and the inventor of the Earthfire Firetool Survival Lanyard.  Richard has always been an active outdoor sportsman, enjoying kayaking, canoeing, hiking, hunting, fishing, snow skiing and camping.  

        Like many lovers of the outdoors, he has read outdoor books and tales of survival in the woods and wilderness; including plane crash survivors, people stranded by a capsized canoe, and tales of hikers and hunters who just got turned around and lost in the woods.  He thought and read about how difficult it is to survive without a fire to provide warmth, light and security.  The first test in most survival schools, and in survival situations, is to make a campfire.

While reading about such situations and having been lost in the woods himself, he realized the value of being able to make a fire.  Since childhood, he had seen the firesticks sold in stores and magazines but thought it’d be just as easy to remember to take a lighter as one of those things.

While watching his wife make beaded necklaces he got the idea to try to make a firestick necklace.  Something you would wear just for the fun of it, but have the ability to make fire wherever and whenever you want or need it.  

The firetool survival lanyard was born.
Light of the Earth