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Light of the Earth


Q: Just got my firetool and can’t get it to spark. Why?

A: New firetools have a protective nickel coating.  This may be scraped off with a knife or by multiple scrapes with the striker pendent. Also, the sharp edge of the striker should be used, not the scalloped side of the edge.  

Q: What method of striking gives the best spark?

A: The striker should be held at a 90 degree angle to the firetool             rod and firmly scraped over the entire length in order to both shave the metal and produce friction for the proper ignition.  Don’t hit or pound the firetool with the striker or knife blade.  This will gouge the surface of the firetool making it difficult to shave.  You want a smooth silvery surface for maximum friction.

Q: What is a firetool made of?

A: It is a ferrocerium rod, which is a mixed metal compound containing iron, magnesium and cerium. It is the standard in firetool rods.

Q: My striker came loose from the lanyard, what now?

A: The striker toggle may bend if pulled to hard against its loop.  Just use a pair of pliers to bend it back onto the  lanyard loop.  You may want to install a split ring in place of the toggle and put it back onto the lanyard.  Otherwise, return it to us and we will gladly repair or replace at no charge.

F.A.Q. (cont.)

Q: Will a sharp rock work to strike my Firetool?

A: Surprisingly yes. Obsidian, flint rock, or any sharp hard stone will produce sparks readily.

Q: What is the best tinder to get a fire started?

A: For demonstration a simple cotton ball will light with a single spark.  In the woods, dry grass or pine needles work great. Cattail fur is used in the online demo video.

Q: Is this product dangerous?

A: No more so than a match, however it produces very hot sparks, so caution must be used.  Children should be supervised while using this product.

Q: Will it stain or irritate my skin?

A: Everyone is different, however no discoloration or adverse effects from long term daily wear have been reported.

Q: Are larger sizes available?

A: Yes we are happy to customize a survival lanyard to your specifications. We can even make them with Tahitian pearls and hammered silver beads.  Just give us a call or send an email.